Swiss League Hockey Fight Results In Lots Of Blood (Video)

Swiss League Hockey Fight

The Swiss League hockey fight in the video below comes from a game between HC Ambri-Piotta and SC Bern.

First, I’ll let you watch the massacre, then I’ll explain. Check it out:

The dude in the yellow jersey with lots of blood at the end of the fight is Bern’s Tristan Scherwey. One Redditor described him as “the Swiss league’s (Brad) Marchand.” That explains why the dude in the blue jersey, Ambri’s Paolo Duca, was so quick to attack Scherwey when he saw his goalie on the ice.

The fact of the matter is Scherwey was innocent.  He steered clear of the Ambri goalkeeper, was DDT’d by Ambri’s Reto Kobach, and then, while still stunned, he was brutally beaten by Duca.

The craziest thing about this entire incident is that Duca and Scherwey both received 25 minutes in penalties each…and that’s it.  No penalty to Kobach.  No extra penalties to Duca.  Just five-on-five hockey.

Check out a few images of the damage (WARNING: Lots of blood) and wonder how the refs managed to f*ck that one up:

Swiss League hockey fight Scherwey bloody face 1

Swiss League hockey fight Scherwey bloody face 2

No wonder Bern coach Guy Boucher was so pissed. And yes, that’s former Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Guy Boucher.

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