Boston Celebrities Defend Brady, Take Fall for Deflategate on Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

boston celebrities defend brady on jimmy kimmel deflategate

The Saturday Night Live deflategate skit was good. This one from Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live is even better.

It’s called “I Am the Locker Room Guy,” and in it a bunch of Boston celebrities defend Brady over accusations that he had something to do with all those insufficiently inflated footballs. I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’ll save the full list of celebs until after the break. But if you know anything about Jimmy Kimmel, then you already know it’s got Matt Damon.

Take a look:

Another effing brilliant bit from Kimmel.

The celebs? Well the guy in the mustache, in case you couldn’t tell, was Captain America Chris Evans. Then there was John Krasinski, Ben Affleck, Steven Tyler, Bill Simmons (who will probably complain he didn’t get enough camera time), Eli Roth, and Dickey Barrett, the singer from the Mighty Mighty Bostones. (They’re a band from the 90s, kids.)

I don’t know who the first two guys are, though. Maybe they’re famous too and I’m just an idiot.

Either way, funny stuff.

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