Oliver Eckman-Larsson Scores on Jonathan Bernier from Center Ice (Video)

oliver ekman-larsson beats jonathan bernier from center ice

Toronto Maple Leafs fans are pretty miserable right now. Their team has lost 13 of its last 15 games, including their eighth in a row last night against the Coyotes. On the morning of December 18, the Leafs were 19-9-3 and in playoff position. On the morning of January 30, they are 22-24-4 and in 11th place in the Eastern Conference, a whopping 10 points back of the final playoff spot.

On the bright side, at least this year the Leafs are getting their choking out of the way early so nobody gets their hopes up. Last year they waited until March to lose eight games in a row and eliminate themselves from the postseason.

But back to their most recent loss. The Leafs actually went into the third period with a 1-0 lead and a man advantage, so statistically speaking they had a pretty good chance of winning. Then Arizona’s Oliver Eckman-Larsson fired a knucklepuck on the Leafs’ net from his own blue line that dipped under the glove of Jonathan Bernier and went into the net. And at that point, you knew the Leafs were going to lose again. Which they did.

Take a look:

And the Leafs players wonder why Leafs fans are throwing their jerseys on the ice.

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