Kevin Harlan Does Play-by-Play After Taking a Stray Ball to His Face (Video)

Kevin Harlan

Last night, the Lakers and Bulls squared off in a pretty exciting game, but the excitement didn’t come without a casualty – the face of Kevin Harlan. While the Lakers were quickly moving the ball up the court, things got away from them, as has happened so often this season, and the ball cruised out of bounds and smack into the face of the TNT announcer. I don’t think it killed him or anything, but it looked a little jarring.

However, Kevin Harlan took what was likely both an embarrassing and slightly painful incident, and made it pretty damn funny. He did some quick play-by-play after the fact of the event in slow motion. And he didn’t spare the theatrics.

Take a look at Harlan’s awesomeness:


He sounds like a wrestling announcer. Which is always a good thing.

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