Seattle Marijuana Dispensary Is In High Gear for the Super Bowl

seattle marijuana dispensary

There’s lots of money to be made during the Super Bowl, and one Seattle marijuana dispensary has raised their collective hand and said, “Hey! Us too!”

Solstice, a dispensary in Seattle, where weed has been legalized, is selling 12 packs of joints as an homage to the 12th Man that Seattle fans consider themselves to be. I’m guessing a twelve-pack of pharmaceutical grade joints would take any Super Bowl party and grind it to a screeching halt. People just laying on the floor moaning as Katy Perry sings “California Gurls.” It’s a pretty funny image.

Here’s a Tweet from the dispensary itself:

Those are some very handsome-looking joints. Even though this particular blend is only available to users with a medical card, it sold out within 15 minutes of being announced. I guess the Super Bowl really can sell most any product.

If anything, I think that legalized weed would help neutralize the 12th Man effect. I mean, Pats fans will be operating on Jameson, Sam Adams, and pure rage. They’ll definitely have the edge.

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