The 9 Most Exciting Super Bowls of All Time

As big an event as matching up the two best teams in football is, more often than not, that combination doesn’t often make for the most exciting Super Bowls. First of all, we’re not REALLY matching up the best teams in the league. We’re matching up the best teams in the NFC and AFC. Secondly, it doesn’t matter if the Romans were battling the Greeks (I’m not a history scholar, btw), no matchup could EVER live up to the hype of any Super Bowl. Seriously. Even the best Super Bowls still feel like a let down. Maybe because with the parties, the ads, the halftime show, the incessant lead-up, the terrible food, it’s like being stuck in sensory overload. When it’s over you just sort of have a headache.

But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been exciting Super Bowls. There’s been a few. At least nine. Otherwise I wouldn’t make this list. Ok. I would make this list even if there were zero, but there were, coincidentally about nine exciting Super Bowls that managed to not be complete debacles.

You wanna know what they are? Good. Cause you’re gonna find out whether you want to or not!

(Just kidding. You’re free to leave at any time.)

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