Jermaine Kearse’s Amazing Super Bowl Catch (Video)

Jermaine Kearse

This year’s Super Bowl came down to an exciting finish, with the victor only becoming clear in the last few seconds of play. But right before that, there was a play that probably would have ended up in the permanent Super Bowl highlight reel if the result of the game had ended differently – Jeremaine Kearse made an incredible catch that almost looks like an accident.

The best thing about Jermaine Kearse’s Super Bowl catch is that he was literally (and I mean “literally” literally) on his back when it happened. It was one of those weird magic bounces that footballs can do, easier seen than described, so I won’t try to recapture the ball’s crazy trajectory in words.

Instead, I’ll just direct you to a video of Jermaine Kearse’s accidental/magic catch from Super Bowl XLIX in Vine form below. Vine is actually a perfect medium for this video, since I imagine you’ll want to watch this one again and again. Too bad about how they ended up losing the game, though.

Here it is:

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