Kanye West’s Selfie With Seahawks Fans Even Better Than You Might Expect (Pic)

Kanye West's Selfie With Seahawks Fans

Kanye West recently made headlines (not that this is exactly difficult for him) by explaining his rationale for not smiling in pictures. I’m reluctant to paraphrase our current King of All Media, but basically it has something to do with it looking cooler if you don’t smile. And I have to say, after seeing a glum-looking Kanye West’s selfie with Seahawks fans taken at the Super Bowl – he’s absolutely right.

It seems pretty clear looking at Kanye West’s selfie with Seahawks fans, originally posted on this Instagram account, that Kanye is playing along with this newly-recognized aspect of his persona, rather than being genuinely annoyed by the fans’ antics. After all, he showed up to the Super Bowl, and he must have realized that something like this was going to happen.

You can judge for yourself Kanye’s (and the Seahawks fans’, I guess) actual happiness levels by taking a good look at what might already be a frontrunner for Best Selfie of 2015 up at the top of the page. And remember not to smile in pictures anymore, even if your team is winning.

Here’s the full Instagram post:

Kanye loves the Hawks and being bothered

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