‘Saturday Night Live’ Makes Fun of Fairweather Seahawks Fans (Video)

Saturday Night Live Seahawks Sketch

Viewers of Saturday night’s episode of Saturday Night Live were treated to some pointed comedy at the expense of not just the Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch (both of which have been churning up their share of media attention lately), but the Seahawks’ irksome fairweather fans as well.

The Saturday Night Live sketch takes on both Sherman’s notorious trash talk and Lynch’s, uh, opposite of trash talk, but the most satisfying jab of the sketch was definitely the throwaway gag about the team’s “12th Man Band.” I won’t spoil the sketch except to say that it parodies the phenomenon of the bandwagon Seahawks fan in hilarious fashion, and that I’m hoping to hear plenty of “coffee and rain” chants during the Seahawks’ Super Bowl matchup against the Patriots.

You can see just what the heck I’m talking about by checking out Saturday Night Live‘s Seattle Seahawks Lampoon below. And since that might get yanked off of YouTube at any time, I’ll also include a shorter Vine clip (featuring the “12th Man Band”) underneath that.


And here’s the Vine:

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