Seth Meyers’ NFL Honors Monologue Burns Roger Goodell, Johnny Manziel (Video)

Seth Meyers' NFL Honors Monologue

Last night was the 4th Annual NFL Honors, held as it is every year the night before the Super Bowl. This year’s event in Phoenix was hosted by Seth Meyers, and the comedian came prepared. It’s Seth Meyers’ NFL Honors monologue that most people are talking about in relation to the awards, probably because of shots taken at Roger Goodell, Johnny Manziel, Andrew Luck, and more.

Meyers is highly skilled at this point at delivering pointed jokes without actually hurting anyone’s feelings, which is probably a good thing because unlike at most awards shows I think most of the people sitting in the room last night could probably beat him up. But judging from the video, Seth Meyers’ NFL Honors monologue was mostly well-received by the audience.

If your Super Bowl preparations are in a lull and you’ve got 11 minutes to spare, you might want to watch Seth Meyers’ NFL Honors monologue from last night on YouTube here, since the NFL isn’t allowing the video to be embedded – maybe Roger Goodell didn’t think these jokes were too funny after all.