‘Wake Up!!!’: Tom Brady Posts Super Bowl Hype Video Online (Video)

Tom Brady Wake Up!!! Hype Video

You wouldn’t know it to talk to most of them, but let’s face it – it’s not always easy to be a New England Patriots fan. But they’re primed and ready to forget all about deflated footballs for Super Bowl XLIX, and now that Tom Brady has posted Wake Up!!! on his Facebook account, that’s going to be easier than ever.

Since the power of montage knows no team affiliations, the Wake Up!!! hype video will probably have even diehard Seahawks fans and Tom Brady’s haters feeling a little bit energized (and maybe after that, a little bit nervous). It’s a good video, and hopefully a worthwhile indication that tonight’s going to be an exciting game.

He posted the video on his Facebook page here, but you can watch Tom Brady’s Wake Up!!! Super Bowl XLIX hype video below. But be careful, a person should only try to process moderate amounts of hype, especially if it’s still early in the afternoon.

Here’s the video:

If that got your blood pumping and you don’t think you can handle the wait until kickoff, you might want to watch an earlier video, posted about a week ago also on Tom Brady’s Facebook page. Here it is:

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