Seahawks Linebacker Bruce Irvin Criticizes Pete Carroll’s Play-Calling (Video)

bruce irvin questions last play

Last night, pretty much everyone was blasting the Seahawks’ terrible play-call that led to the Malcolm Butler interception and a victory for the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. And by “everyone” I don’t just mean the talking heads, bloggers, columnists, former and current NFL players, or random Twitter users. I also mean members of the Seahawks.

After the game, a number of reporters hanging around the Seahawks tweeted news of the rumblings without mentioning player names:

However, the rumblings didn’t remain anonymous for long. While talking to reporters at his locker after the game, Seattle linebacker Bruce Irvin made it very clear that he would have preferred coach Pete Carroll give the ball to Marshawn Lynch:

I guess that explains why Bruce Irvin started that fight on the last play of the game. He was pissed.

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