A Kevin Hart-Will Ferrell Lip Sync Battle Raised Some Seattle Spirits (Video)

lip sync battle

While the last five minutes or so of the Super Bowl was likely a tough pill to swallow for most Seattle fans, at least they learned to laugh again quickly. After the game, the few people that were sober enough to stay up were treated to a Kevin Hart-Will Ferrell lip sync battle on the Tonight Show. Yay?

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly as cool as hoisting up the Lombardi trophy for the second straight year, but it beats watching The Shawshank Redemption or something right after the game. I mean, if anyone’s gonna cheer up downtrodden sports fans, it’s the trifecta of Fallon, Ferrell, and Hart.

Who won the Kevin Hart-Will Ferrell lip sync battle? You’ll need to watch.

Answer: The audience won.

So dry those wetted eyes, Hawks fans, and get to the matter at hand: Resigning your QB. I think he’s going to want a raise from that $700k rookie deal.



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