Madden Super Bowl Simulation Predicted the Game Perfectly (Video)

Madden Super Bowl simulation

When EA offered up their Madden Super Bowl simulation to predict the winner of the Super Bowl XLIX, we all thought, “Oh, that’s cute,” and went back to our lives. Little did we know that they were actually predicting the future. Not only did the video game test run get the score right, but it even correctly predicted the game winning TD from Tom Brady to Julian Edelman.

Ok. First off, I think most everyone had a score that was around 28-24, and predicting that Brady and Edelman would hook up isn’t exactly going out on a limb. But it’s still a pretty fun coincidence that makes us all contemplate whether the video game industry has Roger Goodell in their pocket as he orchestrates the Super Bowl to their liking.

Here’s a look back at the Madden Super Bowl simulation. Feel free to call out other similarities, no matter how trivial:

Regardless of how prescient this actually was, I think we’ll all pay a little more attention to this gimmick when they roll it out again one year from now.

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