Marshawn Lynch Puts Up a Playful Stiff Arm to Get Past Reporters (Video)

Marshawn Lynch

While the outcome of last night’s Super Bowl must have been rough for all Seahawks players,¬†Marshawn Lynch¬†managed to leave the game with a smile. Then again, Marshawn Lynch is a really weird guy, so that could have been a rage smile or something. If you thought he wasn’t going to speak to the media under good circumstances before the game, you knew there was no way he was gonna talk after the tough loss.

So he stayed silent, and kept reporters at bay with a stiff arm, but a good-natured one at that. There’s no sound on the clip, but that’s fine, since Marshawn Lynch interviews generally don’t require a microphone.

Just Marshwan bein’ Marshawn. It’s good that the league can get a weirdo Manny Ramirez-type on its roster. Those guys are always good to capture the interest of fleeting fans.

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