Seattle Seahawks Byron Maxwell Checks Football To See If It’s Deflated During Super Bowl XLIX (Video)

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When law enforcement and the rules of the game fail you, that’s when it’s usually time to take the law into your own hands. And that is actually what happened during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLIX, when the Seattle SeahawksByron Maxwell performed what appeared to be a routine deflation check on the football. Hey, it never hurts to check, and with all that stuff about “Deflategate” taking up news time for the last two weeks, I’m surprised this didn’t happen 11 or 12 times during the game, instead of just once.

It would have been interesting to see what Byron Maxwell would have done if the inflation of the ball hadn’t been up to his specifications. I doubt he would have just put it back, like an overripe melon at the produce section. But would he have taken it up with one of the officials? The world may never know, since the ball apparently passed inspection and the rest of the game proceeded (somewhat) normally.

Byron Maxwell’s impromptu ball inspection can be watched in the Vine below. His technique looks good, although a proper ball inspection probably requires a little bit more time so you can be really sure.

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