One Shark in the Katy Perry Super Bowl Halftime Show Was Slackin’ (Video)

Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime show

The Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime show seemed to have garnered positive reviews in spite of only 50% of the shark backup dancers PULLING THEIR SH*T TOGETHER!

Yup. While shark #2 (your right, Katy’s left) seemed to be locked in and offering a truly awesome representation of what a dancing shark at the Super Bowl can do, shark #1 appeared to be drunk, high, and lazy.

That’s right. All three. Take a look. At one point, shark #1 is just hitting himself in the face with his fin. Even by Super Bowl halftime show standards, that’s bush league.

Disgraceful. I hope…I hope that shark is…is used to MAKE SOUP!

I’m sorry. My anger got the best of me. He made a mockery of a Katy Perry performance. Even more than Katy Perry and the set designers did. I mean, those palm trees are looking on in disbelief.

If you need a better sense of context, we’ve got the whole thing right here as well. Don’t forget to enjoy it with an ice cold Pepsi!

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