Check Out This Amazing Tom Brady-Richard Sherman Photo After Final Play of Super Bowl XLIX (Pics)

sherman brady u mad bro

Back in October of 2012, Tom Brady and then-second-year cornerback Richard Sherman engaged in a little friendly trash during the Pats’ visit to Seattle, with Brady telling Sherman to “come see me” after New England wins. However, New England didn’t win, but Sherman went to see Brady anyway, which resulted in the famous Tom Brady-Richard Sherman photo you see above, wherein Sherman is shouting at Brady, “You mad bro?”

I bring this up now because it is the context you need to fully appreciate the epic Tom Brady-Richard Sherman photo captured after the final play of Super Bowl XLIX, in which Tom Brady gets his revenge.

Take a look:

tom brady-richard sherman photo
It is my personal policy to make fun of Tom Brady as often as possible, because people who are better looking and more successful than me make me feel inferior. But I really have to hand it to him. The dude totally owned Richard Sherman. And even though he didn’t say it, you know exactly what he was thinking:

tom brady-richard sherman photo u mad bro
Of course, this isn’t how Brady left things. He eventually got up and shook Sherman’s hand like a true gentleman:

tom brady-richard sherman photo 2
Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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