9 Biggest Coaching Blunders in Sports History

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Does Pete Carroll’s call to pass on second and one with just minutes left rank among the biggest coaching blunders of all time? Right now, people are sure acting like it does.

Without getting into the specifics (which we do a little further down the list), it’s easy to see the issue here, about 36 hours after the controversial call. Coaches have a lot going on, and fans don’t always understand or hold valuable the same concerns that coaches do. In hindsight, 10 out of 10 fans will agree that worrying about the time left on the clock cost the Seahawks the title. However, it could have just as easily been called a blunder if Marshawn Lynch had drilled the ball in with enough time left to let the Patriots score. “You had the best running back in the league, eat up the clock!”

The fact is, coaches get criticized by fans the day or year after all the time. Sometimes, it’s because the fans don’t understand, but most of the time, it’s because the coaches had their head up their butts. Run through the list of the biggest coaching blunders ever and see what I mean. Remember: No one’s job is safe. No one’s.


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