Angry Seahawks Fan Smashes TV With His Head Following Super Bowl (Video)

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Seattle Seahawks fans everywhere must have been upset after seeing Russell Wilson throw a game-ending interception on the Patriots’ one-yard line during the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIX.

Some were obviously more upset than others after Pete Carroll‘s inexcusable decision to throw the ball, rather than run it in with the usually-reliable Marshawn Lynch.  Take this angry Seahawks fan, for example.  Rather than simply yell at his television or shed a few tears, like most other Seahawks fans were probably doing at the time, he decided to release his pent-up rage by running head-first into his television.

Looks like someone’s going to need a new television.  I think it was about time he got rid of that big screen TV anyways.  How can you call yourself a true member of the 12th man when you’re watching your team play in the championship game on a low-definition television from the 90s?

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