Bill Simmons, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck Pose for Super Bowl Pic

Super Bowl pic

I don’t think there’s anything more Boston than this Super Bowl pic. You could have a guy named Sully punching a guy named Murph while a dude named Geno is getting them drinks, and it wouldn’t be more Boston than a picture of Bill Simmons, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck posing in a pic on the Mighty Mighty Bosstones Twitter page.

Is that Tony Kornheiser behind them? Is that Booger from Nerds up front? The Bosstones sure did put this up without much fanfare, but since their lead singer, Dickey Barrett, is the announcer for Jimmy Kimmel, and Simmons is a former writer for Kimmel, I think we found our connection here, guys.

Here’s the Tweet. If anyone can name the bar (I’m assuming it’s in LA), then go for it:

Oh, man. Simmons’ friends that he writes about are going to be SO jealous about this. Right J-Bug, House, and…uh, Craigory? Craigory’s a Simmons friend, right? Anyway, enjoy the most Boston Super Bowl pic ever.

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