Tom Brady Wants to Give MVP Chevy Truck To Malcolm Butler

Tom Brady MVP Truck Malcolm Butler

Tom Brady has four Super Bowls, three Super Bowl MVPs, millions of dollars, a supermodel wife, a mansion (he used to have one with a moat before selling it to Dr. Dre), and lots of other stuff.  He probably doesn’t need a Chevrolet Colorado pick-up truck. I know it.  You know it.  And it seems as though Tom Brady knows it, too.

In an interview Tuesday morning with Dennis & Callahan on WEEI-FM, Brady talked about Malcolm Butler‘s incredible game-winning interception, which sealed the Patriots’ 28-24 victory. During his conversation, he was asked if he’d consider rewarding the undrafted rookie cornerback with the MVP Chevy truck. Here’s what Brady thought of the idea:

 “I would love to give him the truck. I would love to do that. I’m going to figure out how to make that work.”

Brady wasn’t even on the field for Butler’s interception, but that one play may have cemented his legacy as the greatest quarterback ever.  I think a truck is the perfect way for Tom to show his gratitude.

The Patriots quarterback went on to talk about the relief of winning his first Super Bowl since February 2005, when the Pats beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX (via WEEI):

“I think based on the 10 years prior, I think that’s probably why it’s so satisfying,” he said. “I said after the game when we won our first three it happened so quick, and then to have a 10-year gap there with a lot of really great football teams and great years but never able to win the last game. Then to do it in the style we did it the other night was just spectacular.”

“Spectacular” sounds about right.

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