Field-Level View Of Malcolm Butler Interception Emerges (Video)

Malcolm Butler interception field level view

The Malcolm Butler interception at the goal line to seal the Patriots’ 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks is the play that everyone will remember from Super Bowl XLIX.  It will forever rank right up there with other great game-changing plays in Super Bowl history, like David Tyree‘s catch for the Giants at Super Bowl XLII, Santonio Holmes‘ game-winning touchdown reception in Super Bowl XLIII, and Rams linebacker Mike Jones‘ game-saving tackle on Kevin Dyson at Super Bowl XXXIV.

You’ve probably seen the Malcolm Butler interception hundreds of times already, but you haven’t seen it from a field-level view, until now.  Watch the play that won Super Bowl XLIX for the Patriots, like you’ve never seen it before, in the video below:

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