Papa John’s Super Bowl Ad Got the Winner All Wrong (Video)

Papa John's Super Bowl Ad

No one’s going to argue that it was a very close Super Bowl this year. But that doesn’t excuse this Papa John’s Super Bowl ad, which gave the trophy to Seattle. Close, but not quite, guys. I guess that’s the downside of doing those up-to-the-minute ads. If you get it wrong, you look like Papa John’s does right now.

It’s not even embarrassing, it just comes across as kind of…mean. I mean, they tried their best. What’s the matter?

Here’s the ad, and once again, congratulations to the World Champion Seattle Seahawks:

I’m not sure how this ad was rolled out, but after scrolling through the YouTube comments (I know), it looks like it did air in some markets, not once, but twice. It’s one thing to have it on hand, it’s another to let the cat out of the bag.

In the future, the Papa John’s Super Bowl ad should stick to J.J. Watt, even if he’s not playing.


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