Rex Ryan Tattoo Gets a Touch-Up with Buffalo Bills Colors (Video)

Rex Ryan tattoo Buffalo Bills

After the beloved coach got the axe and headed up to Buffalo, the million-dollar question was: “What’s to become of this Rex Ryan tattoo?” He had originally gotten a tattoo of his wife as a pinup girl, wearing only a Jets jersey. But now that the team canned him, that didn’t make much sense. So while in Arizona, he got the jersey color shifted from green to blue.

Makes sense, right? Now she’s a sexy Buffalo Bills fan. Just like all those sexy Buffalo Bills fans in real life!

Apparently the Rex Ryan tattoo is such an object of national interest that no less than the Wall Street Journal did a piece on it. Here’s the video:

He seems like a pretty cool dude. Let’s hope this tattoo sticks around a little longer and that he’ll never, ever have to step into a tattoo shop and ask them to change it to black and silver.

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