Bill Belichick’s Dominance Explained In One Simple Infographic (Pic)

Love him or hate him, Bill Belichick‘s dominance over the NFL is undeniable.  In his 15 seasons since taking over as head coach of the New England Patriots in 2000, he’s led the team to a 175-65 regular season record (.729 win percentage), 13 post-season appearances, a 21-8 post-season record (.724 win percentage), six AFC Championship titles, and four Super Bowl titles.  That’s one way to illustrate his case for the label of “Greatest Coach in NFL History.” has found another way to illustrate Bill Belichick’s dominance.  It’s an infographic with the coach’s record against every other NFL team.  And wouldn’t you know it, the only team with a winning record against Belichick is the New York Giants.

How has Bill fared against the rest of the league during his time with the Patriots?  You can find out for yourself by checking out the infographic below:

Bill Belichick's dominance NFL infographic