DeMarcus Cousins Gives Up Alley-Oop By Not Playing Defense (Video)

DeMarucs Cousins

Basketball’s a tough game, especially for a big guy forced to run the floor as much as the Warriors do. However, DeMarcus Cousins has to at least PRETEND to play D when he’s tired/bored. Because, honestly, this doesn’t look very good. He may be the seventh leading scorer in the league, but this play leads us to believe he’s substantially worse on the other end of the court.

His responsibility, Marreese Speights, took off towards the hoop and threw down an alley-oop while DeMarcus Cousins sat idly by, hands on his knees, probably chewing on a mouthguard or something.

The announcers even called him out for this lackluster effort. Take a look:

Unfortunately, this might be a bigger problem than just getting DeMarcus in gear. The Kings, after a promising start, seem to have thrown in the towel on their new coach. Does the team go for their third coach in a year, or just ride this one out? Neither option sounds terribly appealing, and while the Warriors are a formidable opponent, the Kings were on cruise control after about 6 minutes into the game. Maybe they should start publicly shaming them for every play like this. I mean, it can’t hurt.

Actually, it probably would get DeMarcus to leave. So let’s not do that.

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