Odell Beckham Jr. Starts the Offseason with a LeBron Impression (Video)

LeBron impression

Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t the first guy to give the world a LeBron¬†impression, but he is one of the few non-basketball players who can back the impression up with a pretty strong dunk. I think King James would approve of both the dunk and the high-stepping afterwards. Plus, who doesn’t like Odell Beckham? The man’s like a highlight reel in a Giants uniform.

Odell took to Instagram to let the world know he was “#tobored” (ugh), before showing off his LeBron impression. Odell, it’s only been like two days since the season ended. You’re going to need to try a little harder to occupy your time. Otherwise you’ll end up joining a gang, or cooking meth, or getting a pet alligator by this time next week. And I’m not sure your team would love it if basketball became your hobby during the offseason. We all saw what happened to Paul George.

Anyway. That’s enough talk. Here’s the clip:

Ok. That’s a pretty good LeBron impression.

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