Watch Patriots Coaches Make Last-Second Substitution For Malcolm Butler Before INT (Video)

Patriots coaches last-second sub Malcolm Butler

Some have suggested that despite winning Super Bowl XLIX, the Patriots coaches were asleep at the wheel after failing to use their timeouts to stop the clock when the Seahawks were on the verge of regaining the lead with one minute remaining.  One look at the video below and it’ll be clear to everyone that the Patriots coaches were wide awake at the end of Sunday’s game.  They were simply more focused on stopping the Seahawks from scoring, rather than worrying about having enough time to respond to a Seattle touchdown.

Want proof?  Just watch the Patriots coaches hustle to make a last-second substitution on 2nd & goal to get Malcolm Butler into the game, just in time for the rookie cornerback to make his game-saving interception:

The Patriots originally went with their goal line package (with two corners), but after noticing the Seahawks had sent out a third wide receiver, the Pats defensive coaches quickly took out linebacker Akeem Ayers and put in a third corner, Malcolm Butler.  Moments later, history was made.

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