Watch St. John’s Guard Sir’Dominic Pointer Perform One of the Greatest Flops of All Time (Video + GIF)

sir'dominic pointer flop

Sir’Dominic Pointer. That sounds like a fake name made up by Key & Peele, but it’s not. He is a real person who plays guard for the St. John’s Red Storm. And last night, Sir’Dominic Pointer made history by performing one of the greatest flops in the history of basketball.

Of course, by “greatest” I do not mean successful. I mean, “ridiculous” and “shameless.” If it actually benefitted his team, it wouldn’t be amusing. It would be infuriating.

It happened during an 85-62 beatdown at the hands of the Butler Bulldogs at their historic Hinkle Field House on Tuesday night. St. John’s best rebounder, Chris Obekpa, had been ejected in the first half after hitting a Bull Dog in the back of the head, leaving the Red Storm seriously shorthanded. So Pointer, apparently under the impression that his team was due for a break, tried to draw a foul.

Unfortunatley, his ill-fated attempt came after Butler had already scored and—more importantly—with absolutely no one around.

Here’s the flop from angle one:

And here it is from angle two:

sir'dominic pointer

Honestly, the best part is the reaction of Pointer’s teammate and the referee. They’re both like, “Dude, WTF?”

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]

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