See the Tom Brady and Pete Carroll Reactions to the SB Interception (Video)

Pete Carroll reaction SB Interception

It’s been a couple days, but now we’ve got some footage of the reactions of both Pete Carroll and Tom Brady to Macolm Butler‘s SB interception heard ’round the world. Spoiler alert: they’re very different.

Tom Brady gets downright jubilant as he jumps up and down screaming “Whew!” over and over again like a bull rider on meth. No wonder he gave Butler that truck for his SB interception.

Take a look, and enjoy the boyish response:

Then there’s Pete Carroll. Poor Pete Carroll. He isn’t nearly as happy, because he realized that a calculated risk in passing ended about as bad as one could imagine.

Here’s Pete’s reaction, which of course involves tossing a headset. CAREFUL, PETE, THOSE ARE BOSE HEADSETS!

And there we are. Two wildly different reactions to the same play. both of which seem very appropriate.