UFC Legend Anderson Silva Tests Positive for Steroids


Pretty devastating news for MMA fans, today. Anderson Silva, the man widely considered the greatest MMA fighter of all time, has tested positive for two types of anabolic steroids. The Nevada State Athletic Commission administered a random out-of-competition drug test on January 9. The 39-year-old Silva tested positive for drostanolone and androstane.

The news comes just days after Silva made his triumphant return to the octagon after suffering that horrendous leg break against Chris Weidman in December of 2013. At UFC 183 on January 31, Silva beat Nick Diaz in a unanimous decision.

It’s unclear why it took so long for the results to come back. The fact that nobody knew about this until after UFC 183 will surely make some wonder whether the UFC and NSAC agreed to look the other way so as not to lose out on all the money the Silva-Diaz fight would bring in. However, commission chair Francisco Aguilar denies that this is the case.

“I would have had no problem calling the fight once I had this result,” Aguilar explained. “Those are not acceptable substances. But at the very least, by doing this out-of-competition test, we found this. We wouldn’t have known had we not done the out-of-competition test.”

Silva will now face a disciplinary hearing with the NSAC. He has never tested positive for a banned substance before, and first-time offenders usually receive nine-month suspensions.

Diaz, incidentally, tested positive for marijuana metabolites, so he’s going to be in some trouble too. But this news is hardly shocking, since he’s tested positive for marijuana two times before and has admitted to smoking medicinal marijuana to help with his ADHD.

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