29 GIFs of Athletes and Fans Left Hanging

athletes fans left hanging gifs

The high five is a double-edge sword. When you put up your digits and the other person reciprocates, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your existence in this cold, uncaring universe has not gone entirely unnoticed. However, when you put up your digits and you get left hanging? Well then screw the entire world because you all suck, amiright?

Am I overstating things a bit? Maybe. But I doubt it. I know Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook agrees with me. Earlier this week one of his teammates accidentally left him hanging, and the nasty glare Westbrook gave him bored a hole straight through the dude’s skull. Because this sh*t is serious.

Of course, with the amount of high fives in the world of sports, people get left hanging all the time. So today, we present you with this list of 29 left hanging GIFs, each one is a mini existential crises. And yes, the Westbrook glare is on the list.



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