That Aweful 50 Cent First Pitch Is Now an Official Topps Baseball Card (Pic)

50 cent first pitch baseball card

Imagine the most humiliating moment of your life. Now imagine somebody turned that moment into a trading card that millions of people will collect.

That would suck, right? Well, fortunately that will never happen to you, because you’re not rich and famous and nobody cares when you make an ass of yourself. But 50 Cent is rich and famous. So it is happening to him.

You remember that embarrassing 50 Cent first pitch from that Mets game last year? The one that went like 20 feet wide of home plate? The one that was so bad that every time we did a post about a ceremonial first pitch for the rest of the season, we made a point to make fun of him? Well, Topps is turning it into an official baseball card.

The Mets are proud of this. We know because they’re the ones who tweeted it out and brought it to our attention. Fiddy probably is not as thrilled…though I imagine he worked out a deal that will make him another million off this.

Take a look:


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