The Dez Bryant Ab Workout Will Leave You on the Floor, Crying (Videos)

Dez Bryant ab workout

If you needed any more evidence that the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant is cut from the same cloth as T.O. and Ochocinco, check out the Dez Bryant ab workout, coming soon to a gym near you. He wraps his legs around a punching bag, then performs variations on sit-ups that have him fighting gravity to achieve his 14-pack or whatever.

We’ve got two clips, even though about 5 seconds of one will get the point across. He’s in pretty good shape.

Here’s one:

Just working nothing major ….. #throwupthex

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…and here’s the other:

Work do not stop… #airjordan #throwupthex

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If you’re wondering how you would fare in the Dez Bryant ab workout, let me tell you. You would slowly slide down the punching bag and collapse into a pile, letting out only a whimper.

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