Epic Super Bowl Party Has Dong-Shaped Ice Luge, Lots of Boobs (Video)

Epic Super Bowl Party Dong-Shaped Ice Luge

When it comes to throwing a great Super Bowl party, everyone has their own preferences.  But you certainly can’t argue with the combination of smoked meat, booze, and women with big breasts doing body shots and taking swigs from a dong-shaped ice luge.

That’s what some dude named Morgan did. He even recorded most of the day’s events with a GoPro camera.  Here’s a brief description of what goes on during one of Morgan’s Super Bowl parties, as per the video’s YouTube description:

“Morgan throws a big Superbowl party and BBQ at his house. Smoked pulled pork is on the menu along with 750 Jell-o shots. Morgan with his friends drink all day and night to finish all the Jello-o shots even though they all have work the next day on Monday. Using a gopro the party is filmed until every last Jell-o shot is gone.”

And here’s the video of Morgan’s Epic Super Bowl Party, with a brief cameo from the dong-shaped ice luge:

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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