Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s Wife, Hits Backwards Shot at Staples at 4 AM (Video)

Vanessa Bryant

The headline conveys a lot of information that probably raises more questions than it answers, so let’s go slow. Vanessa Bryant was with Kobe at some point (likely not last night), when she sank the third of three attempts shooting backwards from the free throw line.

She technically didn’t call “glass” on her shot, so we’re not recognizing it as a made basket, but we’re not the ruling body here, so that’s just a comment, mostly.



We don’t know why Kobe was at Staples at 4 AM. We don’t know why his wife was either. God willing, she wasn’t waiting for him after a game for like 6 hours while Kobe yelled at people. Maybe that’s how their relationship works. He makes her wait, and she practices trick shots at Staples.

Then there’s the other guy in frame. You just know he’s obligated to stay until Kobe wants to leave. He probably had a red eye to the Bahamas that he missed because Vanessa Bryant wanted to shoot some hoops. And finally, there’s the guy filming. Man, Kobe made a lot of people stick around a long time for this.

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