12 Minutes of the Best NFL Fan Fights of the 2014 NFL Season (Video)

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You know those videos that your aunt shares on Facebook that say, “You won’t believe what happens next!!!!1111” or “This video will restore your faith in humanity”? ¬†Well, this really long compilation of NFL fan fights will go ahead and help you re-lose your restored faith in humanity. If you ever need a quick reminder that people can be savage idiots, look no further than instances of violence at sporting events.

We’ve posted a fair number of these ourselves over the past year, so they might look sorta familiar. But now that the season is over, don’t you want to revisit the best part about football? The drunken fans slurring and slugging their way to mediocrity or jail? Sure ya do!


It should be no surprise that the NFL fan fights are not only North America’s best, but they’re also the most prevalent!

If you haven’t already, you can watch the video up top. ¬†Then go embrace your high school diploma and whisper “Thank you,” to it.