You Can Now Get a College Degree Focusing on Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

If you were looking for a reason to attend the University of British Columbia Okanagan, love Cristiano Ronaldo, and wish to focus in sociology, we here at TPS have got some great news for you! You can parlay all those things into a four year degree!

The university isn’t just setting up a class, but a whole four-year degree on the effect of CR7’s fame on himself and society. Huh. That sounds more like a topic for an USWeekly blurb than it does a four-year degree, but maybe I’m just not understanding the finer points of sociology. Or the finer points of Cristiano Ronaldo and his hair gel.

Luis Aguilar, who has curated the courses, says this:

“Ronaldo is the centre and every discussion, class meeting revolves around Ronaldo initially. And then we explore, we broaden out to larger themes. So it starts with Ronaldo but Ronaldo is almost like a springboard to talk about larger issues that are much more sociologically significant than just a biography of Ronaldo.”

That must be a pain in the ass. If you’re a student with an insightful observation, then the professor goes, “Eh, eh, eh! Put it in the context of Ronaldo!”

I don’t even know if the British media could talk about Ronaldo that much…Yeah. They probably could.

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