DeJuan Blair Annihilates Brian Roberts with Epic…Pick? (Video)

dejuan blair destroys brian roberts with epic pick

Last night, Wizards forward DeJuan Blair destroyed Hornets point guard Brian Roberts.

With an elbow? No. While taking the ball to the hoop? No. Blair flattened Roberts with a bonecrushing, perfectly legal pick at center court.

Of course, Roberts really did it to himself. When John Wall got the ball in his defensive zone and took off for the other end of the floor, Brian Roberts was the Charlotte player assigned with guarding him. When Wall turned on the jets, Roberts had to switch from running backward to running forward. While doing so, he failed to see DeJuan Blair set up a stationary screen. So Roberts crashed right into him, face-first, and just about knocked himself out.

Take a look:

Did you even notice John Wall slicing through the length of the court and dropping in a layup in one and a half seconds?

Anyway, Roberts left the game for a few minutes after that to ice a cheek contusion. But he would later return and do this:

So yeah, he was just fine.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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