Diddy Wanted for Punching a Fan at a Super Bowl Party (Video)

super bowl party

Demonstrating that we all celebrate in different ways, Puff Daddy, aka “Diddy,” aka “Relevant Artist,” is wanted for (allegedly) punching a fan at a Super Bowl party in Arizona. The Bad Boy mogul was slated to host a party in Arizona, but after he arrived at 1:15, and barely spent any time outside of the VIP area, a loud mouthed fan complained to him that he paid $100 to see the celebrity.  He continued to run his mouth and Diddy slugged him.

The video shows the course of events and the fan acting like a total ass:

Moral of the story…don’t pay $100 bucks to get into a Super Bowl party to see a celebrity. More succinctly, don’t be an idiot. Also, don’t depend on Diddy, or you’ll get disappointed and he’ll hit you.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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