Coach Doc Rivers Apologizes to Clippers Fan After Humiliating Loss (Video)

doc rivers apologizes

The Clippers have been playing good ball lately, going 7-3 over their last 10 games. However, on Thursday night they had to play the red hot Cavaliers. And there was nothing L.A. could do to slow them down now that LeBron James and company are firing on all cylinders.

The final score of 105-94 was pretty misleading. At the end of the third quarter—in which the Clippers tallied four technical fouls—they trailed the Cavs by 31 points. They only made it as close as they did because Cleveland had the guys who mop the floor play the last 12 minutes.

In fact, the game was so ugly that, afterward, coach Doc Rivers went over to a young Clippers fans sitting in the front row and personally apologized for the disappointing effort.

Take a look:

It’s nice to know Doc is paying attention to his surroundings, and that he cares about the fans. But it probably wasn’t necessary to apologize. We’re talking about Clippers fans, here. They’re used to their team playing like garbage. This business of them being good is a novelty.

Hat Tip – [Pro Basketball Talk]

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