Equatorial Guinea Fans Turn Africa Cup of Nations Semifinal Into “War Zone” (Pics + Videos)

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I know what you’re thinking. “Soccer fans riot? No way!” But really, yes way. On Thursday, Equatorial Guinea hosted Ghana in the semifinals of the Africa Cup of Nations, and Equatorial Guinea fans were not in the mood to watch their team lose. So when it became apparent that their team was going to do just that, they started attacking Ghanian fans and players. Like you do.

The first signs of trouble came just after the whistle blew for halftime. Up 2-0, the Ghanians had to be protected from bottles and other debris by a tunnel of riot shields as they headed off into the locker room.

Things got much worse after Ghana made it 3-0. The entire Ghanian fan section broke through a gate and forced their way onto the field. However, they didn’t do it to cause trouble. They did it to escape trouble. Equatorial Guinea fans has been attacking their visitors in the stands, and the Ghanians went out onto the field and congregated behind the Ghanian goal for their own safety.

At that point, all hell broke lose. Dangerous projectiles rained down from the stands, riot cops went to work. At one point there was even a helicopter hovering right above the Equatorial Guinea hooligans trying to intimidate them.

It was thirty minutes before the players could get back out there and wrap up the match.

Afterward, a BBC reporter picked up some of the objects that had been thrown onto the field. It was a lot worse that cups and vuvuzelas:

africa cup of nations riot objects

Stay classy, Equatorial Guinea soccer fans.

Hat Tip – [BBC]

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