Here’s The Dramatic Sideline Audio for the End Of Super Bowl XLIX (Video and Audio)

sideline audio

The end of last week’s Super Bowl was one of the most gripping and dramatic in recent memory. Two teams with the most passionate fan bases were taken on a ride as one team let certain victory slip away in the closing minutes. And now, the sideline audio has been released that lets us observe the goings-on on the sidelines that led to the infamous interception at the Patriots’ one yard line.

The most interesting thing about this sideline audio is that it transforms the players and staff of both teams from “FOOTBALL PLAYERS” to “guys who really just want to get their job done.” It’s oddly humanizing for a league that’s often criticized of being totally inhuman.

I didn’t see a lot of specific highlights in the audio/video, but that’s just because the whole two minutes are incredibly gripping and tense. Even though we all know how it ends, it’s hard not to get on edge when you’re plugged into every sound and conversation on the field that mades this one of the greatest Super Bowls ever.

Unfortunately will not let anyone embed the video so check it out here – ‘Super Bowl Sound FX’: Seattle’s Final Drive

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