Mark Wahlberg Tells Brady He’s The Best in the Most Wahlberg Way (Video)

Mark Wahlberg Tells Brady He's Best Ever

Mark Wahlberg isn’t going too far when he told Tom Brady after the Super Bowl that he was the best ever. Many people, not just Patriot fans, would echo that sentiment. But, man, Mark Wahlberg does it in EXACTLY the way that you would think Mark Wahlberg would do it. He grabs Tom Brady, puts him in a headlock, pulls him a little too close, then, while maintaining unflinching eye contact, he tells him, “You’re the best ever. Ev-er. Ev-er.”

And when Tom Brady tries to be bashful about it and just get away, Marky Mark pulls one of those, “Listen to me…EV-ER!” moves. The type a drunk guy would do if he was telling you that your ex-girlfriend didn’t deserve you anyway.

Fortunately, we’ve got the clip:

And a transcription courtesy of NESN. Feel free to read it in Wahlberg’s voice. Lord knows I did:

Wahlberg: How to fight, baby. How to fight. I’m proud of you, buddy. Hey, you got a big movie coming out now. You’re gonna enjoy it.”
Brady: “I’m gonna enjoy this offseason.”
Wahlberg: “Oh, man. I’m proud of you buddy. I’ll see ya.”
Brady: “Thanks for everything.”
Wahlberg: “You’re the best, man. I’m proud of you.”
Brady: “Take care of yourself, you too.”
Wahlberg: “Hey. Best ever. Ever.”
Brady: “I don’t know about that.”
Wahlberg: “You know that. Ever.”
Brady: “I love you.”
Wahlberg: “(Expletive) that. Ever. You’re gonna add a couple more to the resume, so what are they gonna say?”

Brady was willing to say “I love you,” to end the conversation. I’ll just leave that there.