The 9 Greatest Gimmick Signings in Sports History

gimmick signings motekiai langi

Normally college signing day is a pretty boring affair. Which is why it’s so ripe for schools to look to gimmick signings to generate a little PR, a little buzz. This year, BYU made headlines by signing a giant Tongan to their squad (see below for the story). This guy has virtually no history in football, and the move was made after a very old tape of him playing BASKETBALL surfaced. That’s clearly not what you rely on to assemble a football squad, so I can’t imagine that this guy will see some PT  unless he’s a very quick study, but the cost of a college education is a small price to pay to get people talking about your program around signing day. There aren’t too many gimmick signings in college football, or many other sports, but that’s what makes them so effective. They’re rarely stupid. Except for #7. The ones that qualify for #7 are stupid.

Sports are as much entertainment as they are competition, so it’s naive to think that PR and money isn’t as big a part of the equation as points and defense, but these entries are (mostly) so brazen that the players might as well be holding miniature pennants that say, “GIMMICK” on them.

That would actually be pretty funny.

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