Canadian Skeleton Racer Hits a Damn Broom on the Track (Video)

skeleton racer

A skeleton racer named Jane Channell, hailing from Canada, found a way to make the sport even more dangerous—by littering the track with brooms.

Ok. So there was only one broom, but that’s one too many. The number should really be closer to zero considering these people are in spandex about three inches off the ground going 60 MPH headfirst. It’s really no place for brooms, or janitorial supplies of any kind, really. I think the skeleton racers would appreciate a clear course.

Here’s the video.  The broom comes pretty early on:

Yay! She didn’t get hurt!

What actually happened was the broom flew out of a crew members hand on the side of the track. So it wasn’t on the track to begin with. Maybe a policy that suggests the crew workers don’t twirl brooms next to the racers would be in order. Let’s run it past the governing body.

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