Capitals Fan Sign Reads “They Told Me This Was a Basketball Game” (Pic)

At the Capitals-Flyers game in Washington on Sunday there was a Capitals fan sign that read, “They told me this was a basketball game.”

At first I did not understand why the sign was noteworthy. After all, what’s so funny about a poor guy being misled by his friends? However, I have since been informed that the guy holding the sign is black (I didn’t notice), and that a lot of black people (apparently) prefer basketball to hockey.

Again, this is all news to me. I was totally unaware that one could make such generalizations along racial lines. However, now that I know, I guess I can see how some people might think it’s funny for a black guy to insinuate that the only way he’d ever go to a hockey game is if he thought it was a basketball game.

Take a look:

capitals fan sign they told me this was a basketball game 1

Nothing makes you laugh like good old-fashioned racial stereotypes, amiright?

Hat Tip – [@Mtrible]

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