Indiana High School Basketball Brawl Involves Players and Fans (Video)

Indiana high school basketball brawl

Things got real ugly, real fast during this Indiana high school basketball brawl, as players and fans from both teams got involved in the violent altercation on the court.

It happened with over five minutes remaining in the opening quarter of a game between Griffith and Hammond high schools. After a dirty foul by Hammond’s Tim Echoles sent Griffith’s Anthony Murphy crashing hard into the gymnasium wall, both benches quickly cleared and fans joined in shortly after as a brawl broke out beneath the Hammond basket.

Thankfully, the coaches, referees, police, and other responsible adults in attendance were able to break things up before they got too out of hand.  The game was called shortly after and suspensions for those involved are expected to be handed down soon.  You can watch the Indiana high school basketball brawl in the video below:

Hat Tip – [NWI Times]

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