Memphis Grizzlies Troll Atlanta Hawks on Twitter (Pics)

Memphis Grizzlies troll Atlanta Hawks on Twitter

As you may remember, just a few weeks ago the Atlanta Hawks were in the midst of an incredible 19-game winning streak that lasted through the entire month of January (they were 17-0 during the month, earning each of the team’s five starters a piece of the NBA’s ‘Player of the Month’ award).  During that time, the Hawks’ Twitter account was having some fun with their team’s success on the court, adding a “W” to their profile name after each win.  By the time their streak reached 17 games, their Twitter name looked like this:

Memphis Grizzlies Troll Atlanta Hawks on twitter with no W

Unfortunately, the Hawks have crashed back to reality in February, going 2-2 through their first four games of the month, including a 94-88 loss to the Grizzlies on Sunday.

After the game, the Grizzlies took to Twitter to show the Hawks that they aren’t the only ones who are good at this whole social media thing:

And here’s how the Hawks responded to the Grizzlies’ Twitter trolling:

Well played, Memphis.



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